26. April 2021 Mahdi

We suffered, we fell down. But we didn’t give up

Can you imagine how it is to live in the refugee camp in Moria? A letter from Mahdie, 16 years old.

Hi, my name is Mahdie. I am from Afghanistan but I have not seen Afghanistan yet. It means that all my life I lived as a (refugee). I am 16 years old. Now I live in Lesbos Island in Greece in (Moria 2). The big hell that around (8000) people are living with a bad condition. Being refugee was the most scaring nightmare of my life.

Here, Mahdi is reading her letter

No one wants to leave their country, their family. They are forced to do that. Because of War, security. I don’t know why some people exactly like me. With this ability. But they are living better than me and I am in a refugee Camp and I have no voice. We decided to pass the borders. We passed the mountains, we passed the sea with small boat which the wind could move that. we come to (Europe) to make better life for children, for ourselves, but unfortunately the beautiful paradise that we had in our mind completely changed. I can say that the moria wasn’t our real paradise.

There are so many people who are talented and they came to this way to show their ability, to make the future of Europe. Because they could not do it in their country. But the situation that they have in (Moria) doesn’t let them to believe themselves. We come here with lots of dreams, with amounts of hope. We suffered, we fell down. But we didn’t give up. We are still alive to achieve our goals. I know when I am saying these: no one can imagine that how the people are suffering here. They have no private toilets, shower, water tap, even electric. For all these they have to use generally. They go to showers where thousands of people using from that.

Can you imagine how it is. For two years we are living like this. Most of our children get a skin disease with this horrible conditions. Once sleep our place, take shower in our place, making fire with wood to have food without any electricity, in cold weather, living in small space with lots of sounds. You will understand how the life is painful. The things that you have in your life it’s the dreams of many people. So thank your god for what you have. I hope one day everything will be okay for all refugees. There will not be any camp around the world. We want to see the sunshine in a world full of humanity. Hear our voice… (From Moria 2)   

Mahdi published her letter on the Instagram-Account "Now yo see me Moria"


Read more about the situation in the camp Morio on Lesbos in the interview with Zekria Farzad. The afghan journalist founded a school in Moria. The school was destroyed by the fire in the camp in 2020.

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